Review a book for us

If you would like to write a review of a new book to appear on your profile page and throughout the site, we can help you to get a complimentary copy from the publisher.

Before you decide whether you even want to write something, please check out our guide to writing a book review here.

Once you’re sure you want to go ahead, just e-mail us with:

  • The name of the book you want to review, the publication date, and why you think the book is worth reviewing for the site.
  • If it’s a specialist book, tell us why you think you have the right kind of expertise to review it. If it’s not, you might say a word or two about why the book interests you. Either way, also send us the link to your profile page.
  • A snail-mail address so that the publisher can send you the book.

We can’t promise we can get the book for you, but we’ll do our best.