Get curated ENGins news through social media

As well as our customisable website, we have developed several ways you can access ENGins materials through the platforms you use every day.

We share weekly digests of the news our curators think is hottest through our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and periodically through our main Twitter account, @UCLENGins.

We also have a range of thematic Twitter accounts which collate groups of our topics into a single feed so you don’t miss anything that interests you:

citiesENGins Cities & Transport @ENGins_Cities
energyENGins Future Energy @ENGins_Energy
dataaiENGins Data & AI @ENGins_DataAI
biomedENGins Biomedical @ENGins_Biomedic
nanotechENGins Nanotech @ENGins_Nanotech
enviroENGins Environment @ENGins_Enviro
materialsENGins Materials @ENGins_Material
3dprintENGins 3D Printing @ENGins_3DPrint
chemicalENGins Chemical Engineering @ENGins_Chemical
electroENGins Electric & Electronic @ENGins_Electro
biomimicENGins Biomimicry @ENGins_Biomimic
physicsENGins Physics @ENGins_Physics
sensorsENGins Sensors @ENGins_Sensors
telecomsENGins Telecoms @ENGins_Telecoms
spaceENGins Astro and Space @ENGins_Space
foodagENGins Food and Agriculture @ENGins_Food
cybersecurityENGins Information & Cybersecurity @ENGins_CyberSec
roboticsENGins Robotics @ENGins_Robotics
algaeENGins Algae @ENGins_Algae
batteryENGins Batteries & Energy Storage @ENGins_Battery
solarENGins Solar @ENGins_Solar