How to supply ENGins stories to your students

Once you’ve created a customised feed, or identified a topical feed that suits your needs, there are lots of things you can do with the RSS link.


On Moodle you use the Add a block feature to add a Remote RSS feed to your page. Once you’ve created the block, find it on the page and click the cogwheel to Configure Remote news feed block. Start by adding your feed. Click Add/edit feeds then Add a new feed. Put in the URL you copied from ENGins: it could be the feed for a particular topic, your tailored feed, an events feed – whatever you think is most appropriate – and then give it an appropriate title that will be unique to you. Now click Add a new feed.

When that’s done, go back to the Remote news feed block you created (you may have to look for it) and click the cogwheel again. From the Choose the feeds… menu, click the one that you just created. We also recommend you click Yes in the Display each link’s description box at the top, and also in the Should a link to the original site… menu. Make sure to also choose the number of items you want and a good descriptive title. Finally, don’t forget to open and choose your Where this block appears and On this page settings so that the information shows up where you want it.

Warning: the pictures don’t come through currently (even if you set them so they should), but we’re looking into this.

Twitter and other social media

You can also send stories from any RSS feed straight through into your Twitter stream. For instructions on how to do this, search for RSS to Twitter (… or Facebook, or LinkedIn, etc.) and choose one of the many tools that will do this for you.


Most blog and web hosts also allow you to include RSS widgets (just as Moodle does), so you can add them to your web pages too.